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IRON BALLS stands for those that
Grab Life by the Balls,
like the creator, Ashley Sutton; 
A straight-talking modern day pirate and
non-conformist innovator.

Ash is whirlwind of creative, kinetic
energy. Orginally from Fremantle in
Western Australia, this profilic interior
designer has made a name for himself in
Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo and
is inten on conquering the world.

Having grown up in a family of sailors,
he still thirsts for a carefree life on the
seas; spending as much of his free time
as possible on board, and diving below
his boats: Balls & Infamis.

Iron Balls
Engineered Alcohol
The Vodka

Iron Balls prides itself on using the best
ingredients and distilling methods available.
That's why we didn't piss about or take any shortcuts to produce this vodka.


Made from winter rye sourced from the east of Germany.
Iron Balls Vodka is five-times distilled.
First engineered through a series of columns in one of
Germany's oldest distilleries and finished in a
copper pot still in the Black Forest region.


A one of a kind bold vodka with a smooth finish. Incomparable.
Grabbing life by the balls.

The Gin

Iron Balls Gin Distillery was conceived and designed by Ashley Sutton,
an Australian bar and club designer who has made something of a name for himself in Thailand,
Having conceived such world famous establishments as
Sing Sing, Iron Fairies and The Bookshop Bar.
After years spent creating fantastical grown up playgrounds for other people, 
Ash decided in 2015 to embark upon his own project,
thus A.R. Sutton Engineers Siam bar was born.
And subsequently renamed…

The scent of tropical fruit steers the gin,
meaning you can't smell the strong scent of the ethanol.,
Juniper doesn’t make it through on the nose,
but the ginger and cinnamon burst in,
bringing with them a distinctive warmth.

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